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Company Profile: In 2001, Union of Technology & Products Company Ltd., the predecessor of Utech Việt Nam, was established with an aim to providing accessories and tools for the young automobile assembling industry in Việt Nam. Over ten years of development, Utech Việt Nam has become a...

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Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD models

Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD models

Tohnichi Marking Torque Screwdriver, MNTD series are added on our Tohnichi Tightening Assurance system.

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Mechanical Wench Series

Mechanical Wench Series _SALTUS

Utech Vietnam would like to introduce product line of Atlas Copco - Mechanical Wench Series _SALTUS

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Modified ST3 models

Modified ST3 models

SPINTORK ST2 models are modified new ST3-G models

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Training Design and principle of operation Impulse Tools EP PTX – Atlas copco

Training Design and principle of operation Impulse Tools EP PTX – Atlas copco

On 15 Oct' 2014, Atlas firm and it's representation in VietNam - Utech VietNam Co.., Ltd held a training with Toyota Vietnam on the briefing and practice of Impulse Tools EP PTX with goals: "Improve understanding of the structure of Impulse Tools EP operation and practice skills maintenance Impulse tools" .

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