New products Review

Recently, we Tohnichi have released many new products as below:
New products Review
1. New type Tohnichi printer, EPP16M3. This thermal type printer does not request Ink Ribbon.

2. Angle wrench is used at service site of automotive company. Unlike a dial type angle wrench, it’s easy to operate.


3. New stylish design with larger comfort grip, hight contrast more visible scale and new self-locking and easy to grasp adjusting knob.

4. CNA4-mk3 is less cost with hight performance

5. Cost of all current FH models are cut down to beat competitors.


6. New transmitter is only available in case of modifying from LS type torque wrench.


7. Our major torque wrenches QL/CL series and interchangeable heads will be with mirror finished surface.

8. English size SH and RH heads extended their lineup. SH with Notch heads are added.

9. Our SP/RSP120N to 310N cluding LS models have new torque set mechanism so that operators can change set torque easily with our #930 or #931. There are two grip types, with resign or metal itself.

10. New version of Tonichi torque wrench tester, TCC2-G series will be released on March 21. Totally different from its previous model. This new version using slate PC as display.

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